1. Don't get pissed off if we're a little late. You never know when some guy wants the whole haircut "just a little shorter." We are really good barbers. If your haircut is going to take longer then 60 minutes, try Foxycut Salon. (


2. No cheetos, freetos, corn nuts, corner store fried chicken, hot sauce, or anything else that makes your breath funky. 


3. We do not support/condone/encourage any religous/political/sexual ideals or isms that may occur in converstion at the barbershop. You can talk about whatever you want, just don't be an ass. 


4. No barters, IOUs, or bus passes. Credit cards are cool, cash is prefered. 


5. You must be sober. (Louis)


6. No drugs or alcohol in or around the shop. We don't care if it's legal. Don't bring it in.


7. If you leave something at the shop, we hold it for a week...then it gets donated to whoever is standing in front of the corner store.