About us


Why us? ​
I can go on about how badass we are. I can do that for a while. I can go on about Joe's razor shaves or Eric's badass cuts. But I won't. I'm too humble for that kinda crap. I'll tell you why most of the people come...because we like you. Not to get all Mr. Rogers about it, but everybody is welcome. After 18 years on this block you learn to love the diversity in this nieghborhood.

Why you?
Because if you work or live in a four block radius, you get $5.00 off any service. Yep. That's right. I don't know if this will be a temporary thing, or just a general policy. For now, let's do it. 

Maybe this paragraph will get us noticed.

I know nothing about search engine optimization. So in this paragraph I'm going to say things like barbershop, shaving, locs, fades, clippers and other stuff like Afros and buzzcuts. Hopefully that will help.